About us

How it all started

The idea of the website was born in 2020. A coronavirus took the whole world by storm. Pandemic and quarantine measures forced people to stay at home. A truly turbulent year! Working in digital marketing for over a decade, my friend David and I (Mike) felt the necessity to build a product that could help people get food and let the small restaurants survive.

A few months on the quarantine, we already knew by heart the choice offered by UberEats or Doordash. None of the food delivery apps could provide an extensive list of small local restaurants and bars. We built the platform with a massive base of local restaurants offering takeout, delivery, and curbside service.

Furthermore, many restaurants and bars were closing their doors to the dine-in user (for the quarantine or even forever). In such circumstances, we also felt that by creating this website, small restaurants survive through the harsh times.

Our Mission

Food is a natural necessity. Modern digital technologies help choose the meals to our liking. Our mission is to provide accurate and up-to-date menu information for all sorts of restaurants in the nearby area.

Imagine you would like to order Thai food online or go out for a meal with a friend?

Just choose the cuisine, and the location and our app will run the curated list of the restaurants offering the type of food you need. Additionally, we provide data about menus.

As you probably know, menu prices may differ slightly between cities and states, even if this is the same food chain. Throughout our partners, we can tell the difference.

On top of that, you can sort the restaurants by price and quality of service. We encourage you to review the restaurants you last visited in the comments. It will help the system recommend better places in the future.

How we rate the restaurants

We are not biased and adhere to the objective criteria while ranking the restaurants. It all depends on the need of the user. If the primary intent is to find the nearby spot, we list the restaurants near the given city, district, or area. It is also possible to search for restaurants by cuisine or even specific food. In this case, we also rely on user reviews.

Cooperation with the restaurants

We are not affiliated with any of the restaurant chains. However, the restaurants may send us updates on their special offers, news, bonuses, etc. In this case, we only believe the information delivered via the official e-mail address.